April 29, 2014 : | 0 Comments
The  Charity Dinner held on 26th April 2014 was a roaring success. The evening's theme for dressing was a "little coutnry western" to go with the music band, "Country Roads" saw a large number of the supporters coming with cowboy boots, hats and all. The participants really enjoyed themselves . The organisers hoped that in the next year, the annual Charity Dinner would draw an even bigger crowd. The public members of Miri really came out to give support. Cash donation that...
April 28, 2014 : | 0 Comments
It was a wonderful night. Good music,good crowd and there were lots of lucky winners!! Congratulations to the organizing committee and the lucky draw winners!!   Lucy Siew picking a number to choose a lucky draw winner witnessed by Jacke, Melissa and Priscilla.         Judy Douglas - a lucky draw winner!! Isn't she lucky?    Lucy presenting the prize to a lucky draw winner!!   (Photos are from Veronica, Lucy and Lesley
April 22, 2014 : | 0 Comments
It is this Saturday!! On 26th April 2014, our Association will be holding its Grand Charity Dinner at Imperial Hotel (Ballroom Level 5). We hope all our supporters and friends, and new friends will turn up to help raise funds for our yearly expenditure. Each ticket is RM80 and is available from the Centre at Tukang Road, off Krokop Road, opposite Kong Teck Sdn Bhd. More  than 60 tables have been sold. Each table is RM800.   The Committee members  have worked...
April 8, 2014 : | 0 Comments
 This morning, Madam Pui brought her pressure pump spray and immediately Mary Voon,Kim Lau started washing the concrete fence of our new centre. It was all good at the end of three hours but more has to be done. Madam Pui herself is very handing with all these cleaning equipment!! It will be nice to see a white painted concrete fence soon. Will you come and
April 8, 2014 : | 0 Comments
 The Committee and volunteers met this morning to discuss the latest status of our preparation for the 7th  Annual Charity Dinner and Dance 2014. "We are all very excited about this Annual Event and I hope more people and well wishers will come forward to buy the dinner tickets," Rose Lim said. The dinner will be held at the Imperial Hotel, Ball Room, Level 5 at 6.30 p.m. The Country Road Band will be in attendance. Tickets are 80 ringgit each and more...
April 6, 2014 : | 0 Comments
Thank you for all your support all these years. We continue to need your support this year. Your kind donations are always welcome. Please note that we no longer use HSBC as our bank. Our new bank is the Malayan Banking Sdn Bhd. And our account number is 511186326521. May God bless you abundantly every
March 6, 2014 : | 0 Comments
Palliative Care Association Miri is organising its Annual Charity Dinner for 2014 at the moment. A band Country Roads has been invited to play the music of the evening to make it a memorable evening of great songs, music and dance. The them of the evening is a country and western so well wishers are welcome to come in their cowboy and cow girl attires, hats, boots and all!! . Tickets are available at Rm 800 per table or those who are interested to buy one or two tickets,...
February 25, 2014 : | 0 Comments
It is time for the Annual General Meeting 2014. The committee hopes that all members who are in Miri will attend the AGM at Gymkhana Club on lst March 2014 at 2 p.m. (Saturday). Members are all cordially welcome to the meeting. Those who have changed their phone numbers or have not been receiving news from the Association please kindly inform the secretary Ms Vivian Sheila or the Coordinator, Ms Jacke
January 7, 2014 : | 0 Comments
Today at the Palliative Care Association Centre in Lopeng Road, Miri, more than 9 red shirted SNE employees came to deliver several boxes of gifts for 2014 to the Centre. The boxes of gifts include disposable syringes, surgical gloves, catherers, gauze, cotton wool, dressing packs and cleansing solutions. The generous ladies are from SNE (Super Nutrients Essence) a special product distributor now getting popular in Miri. Its office is Bandar Baru Permajaya. Jacke Buri the...
January 7, 2014 : | 0 Comments
The Appreciation Dinner for Volunteers was held at the Grand Palace on 5th January. It was a wet, rainy Sunday night. The gathering was a happy occasion. The MC Vivien made every one laugh. Games were played, gifts were given and photos taken to mark one year of good fellowship and good work. Dr. Loh Yunn Hua made a speech to thank all members while Jackie Buri gave her usual bright comments to encourage the