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Please be informed that with immediate effect, HSBC is no longer handling our bank accounts. Do not bank in any donation to the old HSBC account until further notice. We thank HSBC for helping and collaborating with us in the past. Please watch this space for further information.
On the 28th September 2013 the 8th Annual Half Marathon Relay 2013 organized by the Palliative Care Association of Miri (PCAM) and the Piasau Boat Club will be held at the Piasau Boat Club from 2.30pm. The event hopes to see more than 350 runners. Last year more than 300 turned up, many were Walk In runners. It made the event very cheerful and meaningful. Hopefully this year there will be a record number of people participating. The PCAM and Piasau Boat Club who are...
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24 students from Forms Two, Four and Six classes accompanied by their Counselling Club Advisor-teachers came to visit the Palliative Care Centre today at 2.30 p.m. Jacqueline Buri gave a talk on What is Volunteerism and explain the work of several Voluntary Organisations in Miri like PCAM and Red Crescent of Malaysia. The students listened very...
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We were pleased to receive a kind donation all the way from Holland. Mia our old friend is kind hearted and would like to play a part in helping our half marathon relay which will help raise funds for our Care Centre and its operation costs. Thank You Mia! From the bottom of our hearts. Mia's good friend Winni Saba brought the donation to our...
The Centre and its volunteers are busy with getting the numbers ready for the
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Happy Volunteers at the Care
6 HSBC staff led by Chan Kee Hin came to the Palliative Care Centre this morning to give a big donation. It was in the form of 4 wheel chairs. According to Chan, the HSBC, Miri branch, carries out two Charity projects each year. The Palliative Association of Miri is touched by their generosity. Jacke Buri was on hand to welcome the team and to brief them on the work of the Palliative Association of Miri and the Care Centre. Several volunteers and two permanent nurses were...
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The rain does not keep a group of bank officers from making a special Tuesday trip to the Palliative care Centre in Miri. The warmth and generosity of the team brought a lot of cheer especially to Mrs. Lau, one of the most regular patients who comes to the centre for treatment.    Jacke Buri gave a short briefing on the work of the Palliative Care Organisation of Miri. The bank officers were led by Chan Kee Hin and they spent more than one hour with the nurses,...